At HetMoet, non-fiction, auto-fiction, diaries, and autobiographies appear in the Open Archive series, Biographical Anthologies series and the Singersteek Series, amongst others. Additionally, we issue partnered publications and from September 2021 onward, a short piece - a 'Mammoth' - will be published on our website every month.

Open Archive


Posssibly the  largest series within our publishing house, and perhaps the most representative of our core values, is the Open Archive. Literature with a driving,  innovative power, often hyper-personal, socially relevant, daring and courageous, sometimes even confrontational. Within HetMoet/Open Archief  both Dutch, English and translated fiction as well as non-fiction are published.  

Recently published titles:

  • On Being Ill,  English edition, Virginia Woolf, Lieke Marsman, et al.  

  • Wat ik me herinner, Sinéad O'Connor, translated to Dutch by Irwan Droog.

  • Ik kies Elena, Lucia Osborne-Crowley, translated to Dutch by Callas Nijskens.

  • Toekomstmuziek, muziek, improvisatie en de hersenen, Artur C. Jaschke

Yet  to appear:

  • Constellaties, Sinéad Gleeson, translated to Dutch by Astrid Huisman

  • Chauvofeminism, Sam Mills, translated to Dutch by Nathalie Taubury & Jet Zegers

  • My Body Keeps Your Secrets, Lucia Osborne-Crowley translated to Dutch by Jolanda Treffers.

  • Ben ik een snob? Virginia Woolf, translated to Dutch by Leonoor Broeder


Biographical Anthologies


Once in a while, HetMoet publishes a Biographical Anthology in which the work of a poet or writer is interwoven with their life. Photos, portraits, biographical and autobiographical notes, diary excerpts, reviews and critiques are presented alongside poems or fragments.

Already published:

  • De zachte krachten zullen zeker winnen, Henriette  Roland Holst

Yet to appear:

  • Shakespeare in a nutshell

  • Kom zijn liefste, Herman Gorter


Anniversary & Special Editions

HetMoet_Nias_OM front.jpg

In collaboration with various partners, such as the NIAS or Stichting Feest der Poëzie, HetMoet regularly publishes publications prompted by a special occassion. Commissioned, or on your own initiative, such as with the Singer Series.

Partner Publications

Home - An Anthology about Belonging in collaboration with NIAS-KNAW

The Singer Series in collaboration with Stichting Feest der Poëzie. This series is  named after the technique used to bind these booklets. Poetry and drama are published here especially for enthusiasts and collectors as the booklets are printed on a Heidelberger and always in a limited edition. The covers  are also manufactured in a traditional way by using  linocut and letterpress. Publications in the  Singersteek Series  are often bilingual and made for a special occasion, such as an author's birthday or death anniversary.  They are 'tasters'  for both the connoisseur and the reader who is not yet familiar with but curious about the work of the author.

Recently published titles in the  Singer Series

  • The poison/Le poison, Charles Baudelaire

  • Glanzende geheimenis, P.C. Boutens

  • Groningen/Grunnen, Huub Oosterhuis

Upcoming titles:

  • L'heure exquise, Paul Verlaine

  • A Last Word, Oscar Wilde et al.

  • Everness, Sonnets, Jorge Luis Borges




Mammoths are stand-alone essays, poems, short stories, pamphlets and columns that have mammoth power in their small format. A manifesto, story or poem that must be written and read. No subject too crazy, no taboo too strong to break. Whatever the author puts on stage is free. Mammoths  appear in a very personal form. Once a month online, once every two years collected in book form.

The Mammoths  will be published online here starting from September 2021.